This is ambient music as it should be, far from that New Age sound, alive, controlled and played with love and passion as good music should be, listeners with an electronic bent are encouraged to participate.

The pieces evolve logically and beautifully, and in each long stretch we get a solid array of tone and sensation. There is darkness and energy and contemplation and the sense of discovery as new sounds find birth. An excellent set of rich electronic music from two very talented collaborators.

Dreamy but not dreary, sparse but not slight, and intense but not overwhelming, immeasurable is a deeply textured sonic landscape that – much like the aforementioned concepts of peace and positivity – reveals deeper layers each time you revisit the wispy, watery reverberations contained therein.

Each trip into this release has been excellent. The balance between beats and drifts is absolutely perfect. There is a ton of small detail work at play, which I love, giving the attentive listener something to really dig into. This is certainly something you’ll want to loop. It just keeps getting better. Do not miss this release.